Ceud Mìle Fàilte!

Celtic knot feather Celtic knot feather

The Peacock School of Highland Dance
is an emerging school in Madison, Wisconsin. We offer instruction in Scottish Highland Dance to all ages and skill levels. We teach for competition, performances, and recreation. We encourage dancers to connect with the art, sport, and tradition of Highland Dance in whatever way they find best and most rewarding.

Highland Dance is a traditional Scottish art form and sport. Being highly energetic and athletic by nature, Highland Dance is a combination of strength, precision, and grace. It’s a wonderful way to participate in Scottish heritage and in the modern-day Scottish-American culture.

So, whether you’re Scottish by birth, ancestry, persuasion, or curiosity, come join us for a Fling!

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Highland Dance combines artistry and athleticism, instilling dancers with creativity, strength, and precision, and captivating audiences with its energetic nature.


Highland Dance is rooted in the traditions of the Scottish Highlands. Dancers learn and carry forward this rich history, while also participating in modern Scottish culture.


Dancers are encouraged to be the best that they can be and to make dancing their own, whether this is through competition, performance, or recreation.