History and Mission

colored fullThe Peacock School of Highland Dance was started in 2017 by Wisconsin-native Bryce Woyak. The school is named in honor of Francis Peacock. Peacock was an Aberdeen dance master who lived from 1723 to 1807. He is considered to be the “Father of Scottish Country Dance,” and in his 1805 book, Sketches Relative to the History and Theory, but More Especially to the Practice of Dancing, Peacock was the first person to write down steps that would later become part of Highland Dancing. A full reproduction of Peacock’s book can be found online via Archive.org.

The Peacock School’s mission and motto is Dhachaigh chun na Gàidhealtachd, Scottish Gaelic for “Homeward to the Highlands.” Through offering excellent instruction in Highland dance, it is our goal to inspire dancers to connect with Highland culture, both historic and modern, via art, music, and language. We embrace and promote the Gaelic origins of our dance tradition.