Bryce Woyak

11010_10152498749848715_4417926124401736689_nBryce is a native Wisconsinite, born and raised in Plover, Wisconsin. He completed a Bachelor of the Arts in Religious Studies and a certificate in Celtic Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

After a lifelong interest in dance and all things Gaelic, Bryce began Highland Dance at the age of 19 with the Madison-based Gaelic Fusion Dance Company. In 2013, Bryce competed in his first competition and tied for first place. He’s been hooked on Highland Dance ever since.

Bryce has chiefly trained with Silvie Marlette of Gaelic Fusion Dance Company in Madison and with Leslie Gillan of the Gillan School of Dance and Cas Dannsa in Chicago.

Bryce became a Member of the British Association of Teachers of Dancing [BATD] in early 2017, and began teaching Highland Dance in the Madison area.

Highland Dance is Bryce’s passion. He is an avid student of Highland Dance history and has interests and resources from the Victorian Scottish Union [VSU] and the New Zealand Academy of Highland and National Dancing [NZAHND] techniques, as well as his own Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing [SOBHD] technique.